12charge Allows You to Pay for Utilities and More With Bitcoin

12charge Allows You to Pay for Utilities and More With Bitcoin

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12charge Allows You to Pay for Utilities and More With Bitcoin

Extending the uses of digital currencies should be the main goal for the digital currency community at this point in time. To help achieve this goal, companies like 12charge.com are hard at work in order to ensure that they come up with exciting ideas, meant to broaden the amount of people who use Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Recently, 12charge.com has launched an interesting system, meant to allow people from all around the world pay for a wide variety of things with the help of Bitcoin. With this in mind, those who access the site will now be able to recharge their mobile phones with credit, pay utility bills, loans, internet TV and a couple of more services in a large number of countries using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. Together with this, the website will also allow you to go ahead and recharge a variety of other services including VoIP telephony services, travel sim cards, but also purchase game credits, fund social networking accounts and more, all of which represent processes that had a limited amount of payment methods so far.

We are proud to present our users all around the world the possibility to recharge mobile phones virtually everywhere and to pay online for a number of other expenses. 12charge is not just a typical “recharge website” – a lot of services are available to our users; and we are working hard to add support of each and every existing carrier, and to make it possible to pay online for utility bills, TV/internet, etc. worldwide!’’

With this factor in mind, 12charge is currently accepted by different providers in over 110 countries, which makes it a great platform through which you can issue payments for many services that you may be already using. The fact that you’ll be able to pay for them via Bitcoin will not only enlarge the number of crypto-enthusiasts, but it will also encourage other companies to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and sign contracts with 12charge, hence granting their users more payment methods.

The website can also work as a platform where you can easily pay for all the services, so this fact is bound to save you a lot of time. Together with this, it is also worth pointing out that at this moment in time, users can choose to pay via PayPal and their credit cards as well, alongside with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the service provided by 12charge will make paying for utilities, or putting credit into certain accounts much easier for people from all around the world, while also extending the influence of digital currencies like Bitcoin.

What do you personally think about this platform? Do you believe that it’ll manage to become a prominent one on the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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