Ryan Charles Joins BitGo Engineering Team

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This week, the BitGo engineering team is thrilled to welcome Ryan Charles!

Ryan X. Charles is a former physicist who went full-time bitcoin in early 2013 to help build the infrastructure of the world’s future financial system. He made many contributions at BitPay, including payment protocol (BIP 70) in bitpay.com, designing the world’s first p2p multisig wallet, Copay, and implementing many elements of the bitcoin protocol and bitcoin standards in BitPay’s open-source javascript bitcoin library, bitcore. At reddit, where he was the world’s first officially-titled “cryptocurrency engineer,” he designed the technology behind the company’s cryptocurrency project, reddit notes.

“I’ve joined BitGo because I believe security is the number one priority for the bitcoin world right now, and BitGo has the best technology and positioning to bring strong security to every bitcoin user. BitGo has already made key contributions to improving the security of bitcoin storage and payments for some key players in the space, and now the time is right to bring strong security to everyone,” Ryan said.

As software engineer, Ryan will focus on expanding the BitGo services and platform, contributing to open-source projects that BitGo uses, and helping developers use BitGo to enhance the security of their company’s holdings.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @ryanxcharles, or see his open-source contributions on github.


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