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Guest article by Kevin Cruz

A common concern of prospective bitcoin users is the fear that hackers will get a hold of their devices and take all of their money. The possibility is very daunting. Many developers and companies, however, have rallied around providing powerful cybersecurity in the Bitcoin space. Rivetz, a provider of security services that protects private keys and encryption for any Bitcoin Wallet or distributed app, is aiming to quell these concerns — all while enabling proper protection of the users PIN and password.

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Rivetz attended this past weekend’s Texas Bitcoin Conference, where I got to catch up with Steven Sprague, CEO. They have big plans for 2015. “We have tools available today for developers to explore and should be fully commercial in the second quarter of this year,” says Steven.

AdditionallyRivetz Bitcoinist, Rivetz was one of the sponsors for the Texas Bitcoin Hackathon, and also announced some new business relationships there. They awarded one hackathon contestant a distinct prize. “We announced our relationships with Factom, Omni and Infinity Algorithms”, said Steven Sprague. “We’re happy to be part of the hackathon and pleased that BitTikets was awarded a full Rivetz toolkit and $10,000 in Rivetz services.”

Rivetz is currently busy finishing the infrastructure required to support Rivetz security capability on over 400 million Mobile devices. “We are also working closely with a number of partners to make sure it is easy to integrate Rivetz into any project,” says Steven. “ We are very close to full support for Omni and we are starting the process with Infinity Algorithms and Factom. We are very active helping new projects in Bitcoin and Blockchain 2.0 to build security in.”

Rivetz is aiming to bring sound cybersecurity to the blockchain and bitcoin marketplace and demonstrate that Blockchain provides a strong platform for innovation in mobile payments.

“Rivetz,” concludes Steven, “is delivering on helping partners provide the highest quality instructions to the blockchain. We’re assuring the cybersecurity tools are built-in and leading the market with best in class solutions for identity, payment and secure storage.”

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